PPCA is committed to providing you with rigorous academics necessary to prepare you for college level studies and critical life skills. At PPCA expect homework and assessments that measure your knowledge and support needed to succeed; however, do not expect extra credit. Homework is a key component of the learning process and academic success. Teachers thoughtfully plan relevant homework assignments to ensure student mastery of skills. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments and to use the feedback provided by the teacher to build skills and knowledge.

Dual Enrollment Program with Polk State College

The Dual Enrollment program at Polk State College provides accelerated opportunities to academically talented students from Polk Pre-Collegiate (PPCA). Dual Enrollment allows PPCA students to take college classes while in high school and earn credit for those college courses that will count towards both high school diploma and college degree requirements.


Where do I start?

The staff at PPCA will walk each student through the process. Students will be offered Dual Enrollment courses in the Fall and Spring terms.

Am I required to take Student Orientation?

Dual Enrollment students are required to take the Online Student Orientation. The orientation process is usually completed in the classroom.

How do I register for classes after my high school counselor approves them?

Our staff will guide students through the registration process.

How do I get my textbooks?

All textbooks and instructional tools will be purchased by PPCA, for each dual enrolled student.