Student Progression Plan 2020–2021

The mission of Polk County Public Schools is to provide a high quality education for all student.

Student Progression Procedures

A complete Student Progression Plan is available upon request.

The School Board of Polk County, Florida, is dedicated to the total and continuous development of each student. The professional staff of the school system has the responsibility to develop administrative procedures to ensure the placement of each student in the subject, in the grade level, or in the special program best suited to meet the student’s academic needs, with consideration given to social, emotional and physical development.

Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

The purpose of the instructional program in the district’s schools is to provide appropriate instruction and additional supports, if necessary, to enable students to perform academically at their grade level or higher. To ensure that consideration for the needs of all students are met, the district will follow the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) model. This model requires the following components:

Student Performance Standards

Each district school board is required to establish a comprehensive program for student progression as well as standards for evaluating each student’s performance. District student progression plans help to ensure that the required program of study, placement, promotion, reporting, retention, and assessment procedures are equitable and comprehensive, thereby providing accountability for all students


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