Public Records Policy

OF Polk Pre-Collegiate Academy

Adopted and Effective: August 9, 2016

This Policy sets forth the procedures by which public records of Polk Pre-Collegiate Academy (“School”) are requested and provided for inspection and copying and also how the School will maintain such public records, all in accordance with laws pertaining to charter schools. It is the policy of the School that all records, with the exception of exempt or confidential records identified by state or federal law, shall be open for personal inspection and copying by any person.

Responsibilities and Designation of Records Custodian

The Records Custodian is responsible for the School’s compliance with Florida’s PublicRecords Act (“Act”), including response to all public records requests and causing all School records that constitute public records to be maintained in accordance with the Act. The Records Custodian shall respond fully to all public records requests within a reasonable time period based on the size, scope and nature of the public records request. Time of year of a request may impact the reasonable response time. For example, there may be a longer reasonable response time for requests made at the very beginning or end of the school year or during administration of mandatory testing. The Principal shall be the Records Custodian for the School.


1. All school personnel and members of the School’s Governing Board shall immediately forward any public records requests they receive to the Records Custodian.

2. Processing public records requests.

Acknowledgement of request. As soon as reasonably possible after the receipt of a public records request, the Records Custodian will acknowledge the request and will provide a written response to the requestor as to what the estimated amount of retrieval time will be. If necessary, the Records Custodian may seek to clarify the request.

3. Charges for public records requests.

The charge for duplication of a one-sided letter size, legal size or oversize document, capable of being produced on existing School equipment, shall be fifteen cents ($.15) per copy. Duplication of two-sided pages shall be twenty cents($.20) per copy.

4. Tracking public records requests.

The Records Custodian shall maintain a log of all public records requests. Such log shall include, but may not be limited to, the date of the request, the name and address of the requestor, the date of compliance, and the method by which the requestor was provided the records. At each meeting of the School’s Board, the Records Custodian shall provide a report on the status of any public records requests fulfilled or in process since the prior meeting of the School’s Board.

General Provisions

1. All requestors should be encouraged, but not required, to put their public records requests in writing. This will assist the Records Custodian in clarifying the exact scope of the request. Requestors should specify whether they wish to inspect the records or obtain photocopies or both.

2. Requests from the media for public records shall be handled consistently with this policy. If the School receives a public records request from the media, the Records Custodian shall inform the board of directors as soon as practicable.

3. Requestors shall be provided access to public records during reasonable hours. For the purpose of this policy, “reasonable” shall be normal hours of School operation. At all times, public records will be inspected, reviewed and/or copied under supervision of the Records Custodian or the Records Custodian’s designee.

Maintenance and Retention

1. Public records may only be destroyed in accordance with the schedules set forth in Section (E)(2), below. However, in no event shall any School personnel or members of the School’s Board destroy records that are the subject of a current public records request or records that are currently at issue in pending litigation.

2. All public records shall be retained at a minimum in accordance with the General Records Schedules for Public Schools (GS7), State and Local Government Agencies (GS1-SL), and for Public Libraries (GS15), as applicable, all as published by the Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services, Bureau of Archives and Records Management. The School’s Board may modify retention schedules at its discretion; however, no modification shall provide for the School to retain a public record for a period of time less than that prescribed by the above publications.

3. The Records Custodian shall establish procedures by which public records are maintained by School personnel in accordance with the schedules set forth in Section (E)(2), above.

4. The Records Custodian shall also work with the School’s Board to ensure that public records created by the Board are maintained in accordance with law. At a minimum, all electronic correspondence by the Board on matters relating to the School shall be conducted through their School e-mail addresses. No member of the Board will communicate on matters pertaining through the School by text without sending a copy of such text to their School e-mail.


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